Gary M. Irvine, CA

Kris helped me with my divorce and he was great- he was very professional, supportive and got me the best settlement that I didn’t even expect. Thanks, Kris! remove resources page and add testimonials instead. then add these on the new testimonials page. Create a format and be consistant with each.

Sigurd H.-Tustin, CA

Kris helped me with my divorce in 2005 and did a great job. He offered to help my ex wife and I through mediation, but my ex refused, she wanted more. Well she paid four times as much as I did and I got a fair settlement.

I recently retired and I again used Kris to get my support payments reduced. Kris was very informative in letting me know what to expect and how this would progress. He has always been very fair. I have been able to reach Kris at a moment’s notice whenever I needed to ask a question or bounce an idea off him. I would feel very comfortable in recommending Kris to my family and friends.

Arlein P.-Pico Rivera, CA

Kris was very helpful and understanding with my divorce and child custody case. He’s professional, very supportive and efficient from start to finish. I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you Kris.

John P.-San Diego, CA

Kris worked with me on my divorce and was absolutely rock solid. I have worked with other attorneys on various matters and I have never been 100% satisfied with the outcome. Kris was not only completely professional throughout the entire event but often gave me advice and encouragement when things were not looking good. In the end, I received MUCH BETTER than anticipated outcome. I was referred to Kris by a friend that I trust. I would (and have) refer Kris to anyone that is looking for an honest, hard working, empathetic professional that knows his stuff.
Thanks Kris- You are the man!

Marcy N.-Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

I called several attorneys before I spoke with Kris. I was so thankful I actually found an attorney that listened to me about my situation, explained the system, and gave me advice…and this was in the free consultation! Others I spoke to acted like they were in a rush and could care less, were arrogant, and I had no connection with nor did I feel like they would represent me to the best of their abilities. I was naive and thought that the divorce would be friendlier. It was far from that!! There were countless times that I called Kris crying due to threatening letters. He listened, was understanding of my concerns, explained the situation, and each time I felt 100% better. Before court, Kris prepared me as to what to expect from my ex and his attorney, and he was smack on every time. Because of Kris we were very prepared in court, I was prepared emotionally, and we walked away with everything I asked for. He is an exceptional attorney that FIGHTS HARD and CARES about his clients. Occasionally I still have to use his services and am always pleased with the results.
I have referred several of my friends and acquaintances to Kris with full confidence that they will be well represented.

Nanci K.-Dana Point, CA

I used Kris for my original divorce 10 years ago. He was so kind and understanding. He made my transition into the “single” world very easy. His price was fair and he was easy to work with.
Last week we went to court to extend my spousal support for another couple of years.
Kris helped out with mediation and we did not even have to go before the judge! I got a good settlement for the next couple of years and he did all he could to make me feel comfortable during this really stressful time.
I would recommend Kris to anyone with a marital dispute. He’s a really great guy.

DeAnna L.-Irvine, CA

Kris told me that my divorce was one of the nastiest he had ever handled. It was even further complicated by the fact that I moved out of state to escape my ex-husband’s vindictive behavior. Kris was my rock throughout the entire process and kept everything moving from afar, trying to minimize the number of trips I had to make to California for court dates. It took almost a year to finalize my divorce. I don’t know what I would have done if Kris had not been there for me. I would recommend Kris to anyone who is looking for a knowledgeable, savvy and fair divorce attorney.

Pam B.-Placentia, CA

Kris Lardenoit was, and is still, my go-to guy for any questions about divorce, custody, child support and wage garnishments. He made a very confusing, very emotional process as easy as possible. I write about single parenting for many OC-based outlets, and I still quote him all the time. He gave solid advice about what to do before, during and after the separation and divorce. When readers, friends, or even strangers in Target ask me about it, I always send them his way.

He’s patient, knowledgeable and is the right guy to help you get what’s best for you and your kids. My ex was less than agreeable about everything, but I knew that Kris was behind me 100% of the way. He wasn’t intimidated by my ex or his menacing demeanor. He was calm and cool. Kris has been in OC a long time, and knows what judges like, won’t like and will simply dismiss. He’s practical that way.

My tip? Get the best attorney you can afford. While Kris isn’t the cheapest, he’s fair and won’t nickel-and-dime you. You get what you pay for and I think you should beg, borrow or steal to get the best representation possible. Like Willie Nelson said, divorces are expensive because they are worth it.

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